The Way Home

The SPCA of Westchester’s The Way Home Program concentrates on enrichment and training for dogs that may have a harder time finding a forever home, with the ultimate goal of decreasing the average length of stay for long term dogs. Any dog that spends longer than 2 months in shelter care will be served by this program. Dogs labeled as pit bulls will be the bulk of the dogs served because this breed type makes up about 60-70% of the population sheltered by the SPCA of Westchester. Pit bulls and other bully breed dogs tend to spend more time looking for a home due to the public’s perception of them. It is their hope to help maintain their mental and physical health while in the shelter by providing more training and enrichment to this underserved population.
This program will help to maintain and increase adoptability to all dogs in the shelter concentrating upon those in with the greatest need. Through the Way Home Program, the SPCA has been able to add a part-time trainer position to its staff. This allows for more individual attention for the targeted dogs and supplements the SPCA’s full-time Behavior & Enrichment Coordinator’s efforts.