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The Tortorella Family has offered help with a small rescue in Wisconsin with some BIG residents — or at least they will be one day!

Two bear cubs were struck by cars and taken in by the Tammi’s Wildlife Rescue. When they reach a certain age/size they will be released into a wildlife preserve or into their natural environment.

As evidenced from the photos, Tammi’s Wildlife Rescue helps with many kinds of wildlife, including bears, deer, owls, ducks, squirrels and more.

Wildlife rehabilitation is temporary care to the injured, sick and orphans with the goal of releasing them back into the wild.

Tammi’s Wildlife Rescue is family-owned and operated in Frederic, WI and opened in 2006 
Wildlife rehabilitation is an expense activity to provide quality care for the animals.  So please consider donating either monetary, food, blankets or etc. Visit www.tammiswildliferescue.net/About-Us.html for more information


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