​From Paws and Love in Beauford Co., North Carolina:

“The Tortorella family has been a generous supporter of Paws and Love for many years. Their most recent grant provided $3,000 to assist with a much-needed facilities upgrade at the Sanctuary. These funds were used to:

  • Remove and replace the old back deck that was showing its age making it unsafe for both volunteers and cats.
  • Add outside electrical outlets, and
  • Screen-in the front porch, creating a double barrier for the entry way.

These improvements made the Sanctuary safer for our cats and our volunteers. The screened in front porch will protect the cats from inadvertently escaping. It also offers a “Catio” where our senior inside cats can occasionally enjoy a sunny perch! The stairs offer easy access for our feeders and the electrical outlets let us provide appropriate lighting for volunteers and heated shelters for our senior kitties.

We are grateful to the Tortorella Foundation for the work they do to make the world a better place. Their support has made one small corner of the world, the Paws and Love Sanctuary, a much safer place to live!    We appreciate being a Tortorella partner in making a difference!”


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