Bella Run Equine is dedicated to the responsible rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of slaughter-bound horses. They travel to horse auctions where the majority of horses are sold to kill buyers that haul them across the border to be processed for their meat in Canada.

When space at the farm and funding in the bank allows, they travel the auctions, buying as many horses as they can. They then take them back to the farm to rehab them (both mind and body). IMG_0525The veterinarians, farriers and chiropractors they use are an integral part of the team and are the first that get to help the new arrivals.

They are proud to provide these horses with the best care they can afford. Some of the horses have had quite rough lives and their care (while modest) is often the best that they will have ever received. They get many horses that come into the program with injuries and illnesses, and a comfortable barn with high quality food (and plenty of TLC) is key to their recovery. After the horses heal physically, they evaluate them and provide them with the training necessary to find appropriate homes.

IMG_0527They have a new project in the works for 2018. They plan to add 10 additional stalls to the existing barn (but in a separate wing). The addition will allow Bella Run to better care for each horse and turn their existing stalls into a “quarantine wing.”

Two of Bella Run’s starvation cases, Emila Rose and Willow were fostered by the Tortorella family. After hearing about the barn project, the Tortorellas partnered with two doctors to match up to $16,000 donated toward the project.

“We are absolutely humbled and are so grateful for this great act of kindness and hope that we will be able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to provide the horses in our care with a wonderful new place to rest and recover,” said one of the founders of Bella Run.

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