Illustration from Stubby & Rusty, by Christine & Brittany Tortorella

Christine Tortorella is a children’s book author who has published several books with music and a dream journal. All of the proceeds from those book sales go back into the foundation’s literacy program. features Christine’s stories and other artists and musicians.  Christine and her daughter, Brittany, are currently working to publish a new story about a pelican named Stubby who was injured by fishing line left in the water by fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico (near Merry Pier Bate Shop on Pass a grille).  The story, Stubby & Rusty, was written by Brittany for a master’s level class project designed to teach children and their parents how these animals are affected by what humans do and how we can prevent these injuries!

The Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, located along the gulf coast in Florida, takes in injured animals like Stubby, treats them, cares for them and releases them when they can. When they can’t, they keep the birds at the facility. The Seabird Sanctuary rescues between 30-50 birds every day and feeds all of its animals about 450 lbs of herring every day!! However, due to the gulf oil spill and recent storms stirring up the water, fishing has become less productive, increasing the price of the fish. The Seabird Sanctuary is fundraising, with a goal of $100,000, what they expect it will cost to feed the birds in 2013 and keep the Seabird Sanctuary afloat.

For more information on the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, please visit


Annie & Little One, featured above, is one of the books available at

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