brittanyreads-300x225Brittany Tortorella makes a special visit to read to the children. The children especially enjoyed listening to Annie and Little One, the musical story book about self esteem and friendship.

Brittany Tortorella was a “reading guest” to Miss Sammi Arndt’s first grade classroom at Corr Elementary in Apollo Beach, Florida.

Miss Tortorella has a Masters in Childhood Education and is working in elementary education in New York state. She was a “reading guest” to Miss Sammi Arndt’s first grade classroom at Corr Elementary in Apollo Beach, Florida.

Brittany is working toward establishing a career in education and is developing a reading and writing program for the Tortorella Family Foundation.

All the children in the classroom received their own copy of “Annie and Little One” and a story book journal to use in writing and drawing their own stories. The children were overjoyed to use them during their writer’s work shop time.brittanyreads2-300x225

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