dixie hit by a car dixie2 dixie

Poor Dixie was hit by a car last week, and the woman who found her reached out to the Paw Project in North Carolina. They took her in when her owners opted not to take her back and take on the mounting medical bills. Upon first X-rays, the veterinarian estimated surgery costs around $2,000. But upon further scans, they found Dixie had fractures on her jaw, mouth, nose, skull and a hematoma on her brain requiring almost $6,000 in vet bills. She received the surgery, but this small rescue needs as much help as they can get. The Tortorella Foundation has offered to match funds up to $500.  Visit  pawprojectnc.com if you think you can help financially or otherwise.





UPDATE  ON JULY 1, 2016!! Dixie is healing and has found a loving home! Here she is with her new “forever home” … Dixie is a foster failure and is doing great. dixie healed and adorable

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