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Marshmallow is one of 16 cats rescued by Animal Life Rescue. Email Bryan Rouse at for               more information about Marshmallow.

Several North Carolina rescues came to the aid of 30+ animals when a couple split up and finances and time could no longer handle the 25 cats, 10 dogs and two turtles they had amassed over their relationship. Until recently, all of the

pepper (dog) red barn

Pepper was taken in by Red Barn. He is foster care and is recovering from fleas so bad his fur was falling out. It will be a couple weeks of recovery before he is placed up for adoption.

animals were regularly vetted and certainly loved. The wife reached out for help to re-home the animals as soon it became obvious it was urgent. Several people and groups came to the rescue.

Animal Life Rescue, Red Barn, It takes a Village and Wake County SPCA all took in animals to help with this situation. The Tortorella Family Foundation is proud to help support Animal Life Rescue, NC Dog Rescue, and Red Barn as they work to vet, care for and find forever homes for each of these beautiful animals.  Four of the 25 cats were re-homed to a friend of the former owner. One of the dogs, Fell, was euthanized under the supervision and advice of the family vet.

Life is complicated. People often mean well and even do well for long periods of time. But when emergencies happen, that’s often when animals can suffer. The wife, a former “rescue” volunteer in North Carolina, split from her husband, and when finances got tight and there was less money and time to care for the animals they once worked together to love and care for, the animals needed to be re-homed and fast. She reached out to several contacts, asking for emergency help.

Kit was rescued by NC Dog Rescue.

Kit was rescued by NC Dog Rescue.

Several of the cats are already up for adoption and even a couple have been adopted, and the turtles were taken to a sanctuary by NC Dog Rescue. Chris Leone, Nancy Williams and Shelley Pope worked tirelessly to re-home these animals and find rescues to take them in so they would not have to be surrendered to a kill shelter. The Tortorella Family Foundation would like to personally thank these wonderful people and organizations for their time, efforts, compassion, love and financial contributions they personally made to make this happen.

For more information about Animal Life Rescue, Red Barn, NC Dog Rescue or It Takes a Village, visit their websites or send an email. or








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