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In July, 8-year-old chocolate lab Bentley was brought to a rural North Carolina shelter because his owner was moving. He was scared, shaking and so confused. As it turns out, a representative from The Tortorella Foundation was there too and saw this heartbreak unfold for Bentley.

So a group of dedicated rescuers worked to get him out as soon as he was available and rescued Bentley – an 8-year-old chocolate lab. He was heart worm positive and riddled with additional worms and needed treatment. He spent the next few weeks in a loving foster home with Animal Life Rescue’s Bryan Rouse. Even Rouse fell in love with Bentley’s loving nature and playful demeanor. HE LOVES HIS TOYS!

After a full recovery, with sponsorship from The Tortorella Foundation’s Bear’s Angels program, and a short adventure, Bentley found his forever family! The Tortorella Foundation would like to personally thank Bryan Rouse at Animal Life Rescue for all the work he did to help Bentley get out of that shelter as fast a possible, the medical treatment he received and all the love he showed Bentley. We’d also like to thank Chris Leone for all the “behind the scenes” work she did to get Bentley out and to a safe place. And last but not least, thank you to the Harp family for making Bentley so comfortable so quickly. Congratulations Bentley! You will forever be in our hearts.

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