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Booker Adopted March 2013

Booker was picked up as a stray in early October 2011. He struggled with the stress of the shelter environment and suffered significant medical issues. In March of 2013 he went to foster to overcome his medical issue. He was later adopted by his foster.

Booker came to his new home as a foster but it was decided he should stay forever. His shelter days and numerous medical issues are behind him. He has successfully been treated for heartworm and recovered from a torn cruciate. With the exception of needing some dental work, he is completely healthy. At the shelter he suffered from severe skin infections which made walking and running painful. His skin has healed and he loves nothing more then running around with his canine siblings. He adores toys, swimming, hikes, most dogs, and all humans. He is a champion snuggler who cannot be close enough.

Booker has proven himself an excellent foster brother to many puppies. For an 80 lb. dog he is incredibly gentle. He loves to help socialize fosters and show teach them how to play properly. This year he will hopefully get his CGC and start participating in DockDogs.


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