GDF_012610_203WThere’s just something about Liam … Liam and Coach John Tortorella have become close friends over the three years we have been with the Rangers. Coach met Liam’s family, which includes his sister, Shannon, pictured next to John. Liam is a sled hockey player and an AVID Ranger’s fan, and Shannon also plays ice hockey. Liam calls and texts Coach Tortorella on a regular basis to check in with hockey activity, often making a few helpful “suggestions!”

Liam is pretty special, and there’s just something about him that “sticks” with Coach, who has met a lot of children over the years through the team foundations withwhom he has worked. Liam and his family are regular visitors to Ranger games, practices and MSG GARDEN OF DREAMS programs and events for children in the NY area.GDF_012610_214W

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