At home in their new rescue! ACT Ohio is looking for Laverne & Shirley’s forever home.

Just before Thanksgiving the foundation learned of two pigs who could be euthanized if not rescued before the Thanksgiving weekend. Five other pigs were rescued just days before, and there was no one who could take them. The Tortorella Foundation got an offer to take the pigs late Tuesday, and a temporary foster emerged! They picked up the two potbelly pigs, now known as Laverne & Shirley, who had been abandoned in rural North Carolina.

IMG_5909The fosters kept the pigs with financial help from The Tortorella Foundation until a more viable rescue and transport could be found. The Animal Cruelty Task Force of Ohio (ACT Ohio) agreed to take her, but they didn’t have an appropriate fence to allow the pigs to roam around. So the Tortorella Foundation sponsored the new fence, too.

Just after New Years a transport option came available with an adventurous and pig-knowledgable driver. It all came together so quickly and so smoothly because of the loving hearts of so many people.

So many did so much to help these sweet pigs, who grunt and snuggle and come when they’re called. They are just so smart. We are hoping to find them a permanent home in Ohio very soon! Here are a few pictures from their journey from the rural shelter to their temporary rescue home. They had goats, chickens, ducks, dogs, another pig and even a cat as their foster brothers and sisters.

The Tortorella Foundation would like to thank the fosters, Kimberley Hoffman and Ken Edminster, and they’re animal loving children. We’d also like to thank Donna Gilbert and the DG Express, who took Laverne and Shirley to Ohio. Thank you, Chris Leone, for bringing Laverne and Shirley (and so many others) to our attention. Here are a few of Laverne and Shirley and their friends with their foster home in North Carolina.

DSC08536 DSC08548 DSC08565 DSC08566 DSC08574

If you are interested in adopting two wonderful, intelligent potbelly pigs, please contact

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