LilaBeanLila is about 5 or 6 years old, is crate trained and house trained. She walks very well on leash knows and all sorts of tricks/commands. Lila, nicknamed Lila Bean, is even good with basic agility! While she is very mild mannered around other dogs on leash, because Lila was extremely abused she is still learning what it means to play with other dogs. She has come a long way!

It took Lila more than a year to learn to play with people. She would be best suited in a home with no other dogs. She loves kids and all people. She has never been cat tested, however. When Lila sees cats, squirrels, rabbits, birds, etc on our walks she shows no interest in them. She is as sweet as can be, loves walks with her backpack on and is a dream on a leash!! She can do a few tricks, too, including lie down, wait, say hello (shake), sit pretty, give me kisses, twirl, come here and smile. Her favorite treats are frozen peanut butter kongs, and she loves snuggling.

Lila with her sweet, submissive smile has been at the Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue of Virginia since 2010, and really would love to find her new home! Visit their site at if you think you might be the right fit for sweet Lila!

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