Mission Statement

The John and Christine Tortorella Family Foundation for Giving Back, was created to enable our family to reach out to more children in disadvantaged situations, to help others who work to improve the lives of these children and their families, and to help those who protect children, animals and our environment from harm.

We believe that reading and writing skills are the cornerstones to a good education, and that exposure to music and art encourages the creative process in children. Our own literacy program,
Enlighten Your World … READ! is our personal commitment to reach out and encourage the interest of children in reading, writing, music and art. Our mission is to provide book/cd’s, backpacks, school supplies and visits to schools libraries and organizations who are interested in participating in the programs.

You are invited to browse our website to see some of the activities that we are involved in and to consider sponsorship of the program, and/or to purchase a children’s book/cd. All proifits of book sales go into the foundation literacy program for disadvantaged children.

And thank you for giving back to those in need in your community.






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