Willie on his first day in foster. Willie has a dislocated elbow and a broken leg. If it continues to bother him 6 months from now, Willie could lose his leg.

The Tortorella Foundation would like to thank Animal Life Inc for rescuing two severely neglected dogs from a horrible situation in Harnett County, NC.


Eden on her way to the veterinarian the day after her rescue.

Pictured are Willie, a puppy with a severely injured leg, possibly mange and worms, and his mother. It is thought the puppy may have been hit by a car and did not receive any medical attention from his previous owners. Willie & his mom, Eden, were rescued by Animal Life Rescue (in North Carolina) and a slew of animal lovers who came together to save these two dogs. Eden and Willie were quickly taken to the vet, where Willie was diagnosed with a dislocated elbow and broken leg. His injuries, at this time, aren’t surgical — but he may lose his leg if he continues to struggle with it in 6 months. Within a week both Eden and Willie have started to gain wait, relax a little and start their medical treatments. Both dogs tested negative for heart worm!


Eden going on her daily walk.

The Tortorellas agreed to sponsor much of the vet care, including emergency vet care if it is needed, through our program Bear’s Angels … the Tortorellas would like to personally thank Bryan Rouse, Winnie Paul, Toby Leone and anyone who helped get these dogs to safety.

If you would like to contribute to help Willie & his mother’s vet care, please visit www.animallifeinc.com/donate.html … make a paypal donation to admin@animallifegroup.com (Please earmark Willie).

Eden is still in need of a foster as she is currently in a short-term foster situation. Please contact Animal Life Rescue if you are interested in fostering this wonderful dog. She is estimated to be 1-2 years old, is heart worm negative and has shown absolutely no signs of aggression to date.

UPDATE: Willie has been adopted! He is a foster failure. Eden is healthy and looking gorgeous and is working with a trainer to prepare her for being around other animals, as she was likely kept outside on a chain for most of her 5-6 years. Below are some updated photos of these beautiful angels.

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