The Animal Cruelty Taskforce of Ohio’s rescue dogs anxiously await the completion of the Tortorella Family Foundation sponsored fence, which was completed in March 2016!

The fence sponsored by the Tortorella Foundation has allowed ACT Ohio’s dogs and other animals to enjoy the outside!


The Tortorella Foundation saw a need at the Animal Cruelty Taskforce of Ohio ( and offered to provide fences for the dogs and other rescue animals being helped and housed at ACT Ohio in Marysville, OH.

The Animal Cruelty Task Force of Ohio has one sole focus, the prevention of the acts of cruelty towards animals through proactive field and investigation work and by focusing on three main pillars as an organization:  Education, Assistance, Enforcement, according to their website. What the Tortorellas have witnessed, however, is equally if not more impressive. ACT Ohio rescued a North Carolina dog named Peanut in January with heart worm and mammary gland tumors. Peanut has since been adopted and treated for heartworm.


In addition, they rescued Laverne and Shirley (two potbelly pigs the foundation brought to their attention) and are aggressively seeking a wonderful home for Laverne and Shirley.

They also took in Booker, a very special dog to the Tortorella family from their days back in Westchester, New York, and found him a forever home. Booker was a long-term shelter dog. Act Ohio does not shy away from an animal with medical issues or special needs. For more information about Act Ohio visit

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