th Sub-zero weather is in the area, posing a dangerous threat to humans and animals. If you have an animal that needs to come in out of the cold – or know of someone who needs help with their pet(s), the following organizations can help – FREE OF CHARGE. TAHO – The Animal Health Organization of Delaware will shelter the animals of homeless people and anyone who cannot bring their pets indoors. Call them at 740-549-1950. Homeless to Home in Marion will also take in pets. Call them at 740-272-0849. Hospets in Marysville invites people in Union County with pets who need protection from the weather to contact them by email:
If you see an animal struggling in the cold and feel intervention is necessary, please call Columbus Humane at 614-777-7387 x 250 for their animal cruelty investigation line.  Please keep in mind that conditions due to the extreme cold  are life-threatening. Look after neighbors living alone and keep your pets indoors.

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