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Paws and Love, a Bear’s Angels partner from North Carolina, along with other rescues, stepped in to help 24 cats in a hoarding situation. The Tortorella Family Foundation was pleased to offer funding so that the cats could be tested before going into foster. Thankfully, all the kitties are healthy, safe and sound. Here are five of the sweethearts that were taken in.

According to paws & love, all cats were social and highly adoptable once spayed/neutered, vetted and socialized with the various wonderful rescues who played a part in this huge effort over several days. Several rescues were part of the rescue effort, including  Zach’s Rescue, The Goathouse Refuge, Every Life Matters Animal Rescue, Happy Tails Rescue, Humane Society of York County, Paws and Love, Inc. and Bayleaf Veterinary Hospital. There were several expectant mothers so there will be more little ones that are safe! If you are considering getting a cat or kitten, we encourage you to contact any of these rescue groups.

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