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The Tortorella Foundation pledged $1000 dollars in matching funds to Suruluna to pay for surgery on Spice’s leg, so this sweet young girl will be able to run and have a healthy and joyful life! Together, through the matching funds, Suruluna and the Tortorella Foundation has raised more than $2,000!

“It’s such a gift to a small rescue like ours,” said Anna Cilento with Suruluna.

Spice came to Suruluna as a stray when she was found eating garbage on the streets. When Spice was brought to Suruluna, she was limping. So they brought her to the vet where she was diagnosed with ACL (ligaments in the knee) damage. She is only 10 months old, and she is not able to walk on her leg anymore unless she has surgery before the situation gets worse and she damaged the other legs. While more than half of the surgery has been covered by donors and the foundation’s matching funds, Suruluna still needs help to cover her medical expenses. Please donate to help Spice by clicking here, she is a puppy and deserves to have a normal and happy life.
Spice would have been put down in a regular shelter because of her medical conditions, but Suruluna couldn’t say no to a 10-month-old puppy girl.
“… because of the generous support of the Tortorella foundation as soon as we raised the first $1000, the amount we received doubled!” Cilento said. “This is the kind of opportunity that makes it possible for us to keep helping dogs like Spice who need expensive medical care before they can be adopted. Without this kind of support we wouldn’t be able to do it!  Thank you!”
For more information on Suruluna, visit www.Suruluna.org
****UPDATE: Spice is doing great and she has been with her new foster family for over a month now and we just got the news that she will be adopted by them. They love her and she lives with 5 little chiwawas, loves her home and her mom.
Spice with her new family!

Spice with her new family!

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