Suruluna did its part in helping the stranded and homeless pets that Hurricane Harvey pushed out. They took in several dogs, two of whom have already found a forever home.

These are 2 of the hurricane Harvey dogs Suruluna rescued and are with their new families.

The Rottweiler is Texas ( 8 months old) and the white and brown pit mix is Cowboy ( 2 years old). So far they seem to be doing great, and we all hope they keep thriving with their families.
Suruluna has three more Hurricane Harvey dogs, two who are in very bad condition and heart worm positive! The Tortorella Foundation, as a part of their commitment to aid the rescue of the animal victims of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, sent aid to Suruluna to help defer the costs of treatment and transport of these animals to safety. For more information about Suruluna, its rescue dogs or to donate to this organization, visit their website at


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