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Meet our newest Bear’s Angel — Willow.

Willow is a 10-year-old senior girl who was rescued by Dogs of Destiny, the Virginia Chapter of Lake Charles Pitbull Rescue. When “Destiny” rescued her, she had pressure sores on her feet and elbows, renal disease and was in rough condition. But that didn’t get this sweet girl down – she loves to snuggle and get belly rubs. Her condition now requires eye drops for chronic dry eye and medicine for her suffering kidneys. She also requires special, and likely expensive, food.

The Tortorella Foundation, through Bear’s Angels, has offered to match up to $300 in donations to help Willow live a healthy life with proper medical treatment. To learn more about Lake Charles Pitbull Rescue, visit lakecharlespitbullrescue.com. To help with Willow’s medical needs, you may donate via paypal to rescuedbybullies@gmail.com

For information about adopting Willow, contact rescuedbybullies@gmail.com

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