talleytalley and robin tally

Tally is a foster cat with Paw Prints.

Just recently, her foster family noticed Tally limping when he played with foster brother, Robin. After x-rays an old injury that was previously undetected was found. Surgery was recommended, and they went forward with the surgery in hopes that it would alleviate his pain. Shortly after his surgery, instead of getting better, Tally appeared to be getting worse! Tally no longer played with Robin and now hid most of the day. His quality of life had greatly diminished, and Paw Prints felt it needed to do something to help this sweet boy. The vet advised a special surgery with an orthopedic specialist. So Paw Prints reached out to The Tortorella Foundation hoping to raise funds to help Tally get her surgery. They don’t know how Tally sustained these injuries, but what they can tell from the X-rays, they are old and severe which led to scar tissue. They suspect Tally was either hit by a car or, sadly, kicked hard by his former human.With the foundation’s help, Tally received a FOH surgery (Femoral Head Ostectomy). The surgery cost $1,300. The Foundation offered $300 to help and challenged Paw Prints to raise $300 on their own. Tally got her surgery and is already improving.

Paw Prints, an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization is dedicated to reducing the population of homeless cats, kittens, dogs and puppies through foster care, medical care and adoption. Please consider reading more about this great organization at www.pawprintsrescue.org.

If you would like to donate to help with Tally’s medical care, visit their website or donate via The Tortorella Foundation and please designate that funds should go to Tally at Paw Prints.

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