Bella Run Equine is asking for donations.
We have some exciting news to share!
We are humbled, honored, and beyond grateful to be the recipient of a matching fund grant from the Tortorella Family Foundation!
In the weeks ahead, up to $10,000 in donations raised will be MATCHED!
This is huge!
To put it mildly, COVID-19 has packed a punch. This matching funds grant will not only ensure our survival during this difficult time, but it will also allow us to reopen our barn doors to the horses who need help the most.
Below you will see Rose. She was one of our rescued mares from the horrific Jackson County case. Now beautifully recovered, she is a treasured member of the Tortorella family, and lives the happiest life a horse could ask for!
With this lifesaving grant, you can double your donation and help us be able to continue to say “yes” to horses just like Rose.
Support Bella Run Equine today!
PayPal and Venmo:
Venmo: @BellaRunEquine
As always, thank you.

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