Tickets for Rocky visit to TAFT school this year with Ann Sather

taft-school-ann-sather-300x225This is the pre school class that she reads to weekly, and the place we visit each year. All the children got the new book and cd of Tickets for Rocky. Ann and I were surprised with a gift from the teachers and the children, of flowers, which was wonderful of course. The children are precious and so well behaved, but we could also could see signs that they enjoyed the music with dancing and smiles. This is the best feedback for me as a writer of childrn’s music.

The message of the Tickets book, which is working toward a dream and how important it is to not only have a dream, but to work towards it coming true. That message is a part of what we share and discuss with the older children in reading and writing classes.

We featured budding artist Amanda Huber, who went to school for art technique and is hoping someday to teach that technique to others who are interested in art. I could use some of that teaching! As the ‘illustrator of the story’, I used some of her art to depict likenesses of family members, as the story is about Marti, my sister and her twin Mary (yes, also my sister).

Halle, Amanda ‘s daughter, contributed the little lady bug you see throughout the story. She was four when she drew the bug. Amanda, Marti (Halle’s grandmother) and Halle went recently to Halle’s nursery school to read the story to the children and they all got cd/books and bags, while meeting Amanda and Halle, two contributing artists in the book. I understand that Halle was very proud.

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