Chase and Badger met for the first time at SALI'S FARM and was captured on camera.

Chase and Badger met for the first time at SALI’S FARM and was captured on camera.

The Tortorella Foundation continues to support Sali’s Farm by helping the organization pay for jackets and supplies to its campers and to help with the expenses associated with their first rescue horse, Badger, and their newest rescue horse, Chase!

“I am so thankful for the generous support of the Tortorella Foundation.  Their donations have made a huge impact on our farm program for at-risk children and at-risk animals,” said Keryn Denroche of SALI’s FARM. “The donations from the Tortorella Foundation help to pay for the ongoing care of our two rescue horses, Chase & Badger.  Chase especially, since he was rescued from severe neglect.  He was extremely malnourished which required a high calorie diet and was in desperate need of vet care, dental work and hoof care.”


Chase is doing very well since arriving at SALI’S FARM.

SALI’s Farm (Semiahmoo Animal League Inc.) is a farm located in Surrey, British Columbia and has multiple programs, including one that brings together rescued animals and at-risk children, and together they show each other how to heal. These young children (or campers) who visit the farm have witnessed or experienced violence in some way.

“SALI’s Farm has an all-weather program and many times the children arrive without proper clothing.  Since 2011, we have relied on hand-me-down, garage sale rain gear to supply to the children.  This year it occurred to me that these children deserve so much better and I asked Christine Tortorella if her family foundation would help us get new, good quality water-proof jackets.  Christine said yes, and we will now be able to purchase jackets in all sizes for the children,” Denroche said.

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Pictured is Chase before arriving at SALI’S FARM.

Sali’s Farm has a newsletter with which you can stay abreast of what it is all about and what it is doing for its at-risk youth and abused animals. Click here to view their newsletter. To read more about Sali’s Farm, click here or visit their website at


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