This is Ella Enchanted at a North Carolina shelter before she was rescued.

This is Ella Enchanted at a North Carolina shelter before she was rescued.

Ella Enchanted (click here for more on Ella’s story) was neglected, emaciated and had heart and whip worms when we first learned about her. With a few donations to help with her medical treatment, including a large donation from John & Christine Tortorella, Ella was able to receive the treatment she needs in order to start her recovery and preparations for a new home — Thanks in large part to the Lake Charles Pitbull Rescue in Virginia (via Furbaby Rescue of NC).

Ella has made huge progress, but is still a little timid when she first meets someone.

ella enchanted BETTER

This is Ella Enchanted, healthy and ready for a foster home or a foster-to-forever home situation!

“She is just the sweetest thing and gentle even when she plays,” said Destiny Shell of the Lake Charles Pitbull Rescue chapter in Virginia that currently has Ella. “She is good in her crate and hasnt had any potty accidents in the house. Once we get her more trust I with new people she will make an amazing family pet. And she’s just a little bitty thing.”

Still, Ella has large medical bills. The Tortorellas are excited about Ella’s progress and want to help more! The Tortorellas have offered to match funds toward Ella’s medical bill up to $500! That means any amount you give will be doubled by the Tortorellas. Please donate to help with Ella’s treatment by clicking the PayPal button below. Thank You!

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