Above is a sample illustration from author Michelle Gilman's book, What Grandma Built.

Above is a sample illustration from author Michelle Gilman’s book, What Grandma Built.

Michelle Gilman is a first-time author and has just released her first book, What Grandma Built.

Gilman, who was raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has a Masters in Education, specializing in Special Education. A mother of two children and an admired aunt to many nieces and nephews, Ms Gilman wrote her book based on a conversation she had with her children when her mother died. She told her kids about her mother’s life and her legacy.

The story is about a loving family and their grandmother, who built a legacy out of  love and family tradition.  Gilman hopes her well written and joyfully  illustrated book,  will connect with both children and adults as they deal with their grief.  The author successfully puts an emphasis on the importance of  keeping meaningful traditions alive, that loved ones pass on to their families.  It ‘s a truly a gift Michelle Gillman shared in her book, What Grandma Built, from her own  personal perspective having lost her mother to cancer and  of the healing effect  this can have in the face of loss.




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